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November 2007

October 2007

July 2007


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Create Flickr galleries in seconds...

March 2007


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A collection of stuff to do with Flickr image manipulation: vote, turn them in to puzzles and more...


online game. Visitors add words to the sentence which is to be continued. The words added can be clicked and tag search results from Flickr and YouTube are shown. results


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A toy that analyses song lyrics and poetry to create a mosaic of appropriate photos. IE only.


Flickr Mashup which helps children to learn English Alphabet through photos


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Collaborative short stories. - uses flickr for inspiration


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Real slogans and flickr images..

August 2006


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Small flash app lets users write short stories, get auto-generated illustrations from Flickr photos, and play around with the results. Nicely done.

Color Fields Colr Pickr

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Online Flash color picker using Flickr photos


Flickr photos + Yahoo! Maps. Click on a city to see your Flickr contacts and then hover over icons to get details.

Flickrmap - get a flash world map of your flickr photos

by 21 others is a web service that allows you to put a flash based world map on your own website or blog. It searchs your Flickr photos and plots the ones tagged with places, with EXIF or geotagged.

July 2006

Spell with flickr

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Like it says, spell with flickr photos

fd's Flickr Toys

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a growing collection of Flickr tools, badges, slideshows, mozaic, capitonier...

egoWalk: Flickr Photos & Yahoo! Maps

Your Favorite Flickr Photographers On A Yahoo! Map


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A very cool Flash-based badge that allows you to display your Flickr photo stream.


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Online image processor, let's you login using your Flickr account.


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Lets'y ou search flickr, Youtube and Yahoo and also has a dashboard widget for macs.

June 2006

Service from Platial that pulls together the best News, Photos, Videos, Events and Places from all over the web. Now you can get real-time local updates automatically delivered through RSS or KML

May 2006


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floverview gives you a comprehensive one-page view of any Flickr member.

Feel The Force

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Ajax search engine with keyword suggestion, searches flickr or Yahoo, web, images, videos, news. Has a mobile version