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July 2006


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Lets'y ou search flickr, Youtube and Yahoo and also has a dashboard widget for macs.

May 2006

Feel The Force

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Ajax search engine with keyword suggestion, searches flickr or Yahoo, web, images, videos, news. Has a mobile version

411sync: Flickr & Yahoo mobile search

Get photos from Yahoo Image , Yahoo news images and Flickr. For Flickr, for a specific user. Provide us the username of the person whose photos you would want to see and get upto 20 photos back. This is a WAP only service and is not available on SMS or Email.

April 2006

March 2006

Tag Central

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This site aggregates this data from a variety of sources. . Flickr , Smugmug , Wists , Technorati , BlogMarks , 43 Things , , Connotea , Furl , , Jots , and Consumating