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DailyPerfect, predictively personalized news, behavioral targeting technology

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... Tries to show what you would want to read, from your name. The site has a predictive content engine that was specially created to make available for any user the chance to produce a personalized news feed. That is actually the main reason why you can customize this news feed according to your preferences.

turn any URL into an RSS feed or email alert

FreeMyFeed - Free Your Feed From Authentication

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Have you ever wanted to view an RSS or ATOM feed in a web based feed reader such as Google Reader or Bloglines, but could not because the feed required user authentication or used an invalid SSL certificate?

RSS Suggestions Based on Similarity - SuggestRSS

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SuggestRSS will analyze your OPML and suggest new feeds for you.

pubsubhubbub - Project Hosting on Google Code

A simple, open, server-to-server web-hook-based pubsub (publish/subscribe) protocol as an extension to Atom and RSS. Parties (servers) speaking the PubSubHubbub protocol can get near-instant notifications (via webhook callbacks) when a topic (feed URL) they're interested in is updated.


mingle all your feeds into one to produce a combined RSS, Atom, JSON and a widget



We find new Web 2.0 type websites that need happy testers. If the companies like your style (and age, gender, location, interests) we send you a special link to get access to their new thing.

Feed Collectors | Home

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Social RSS aggregator that support many formats as OMPL import.

The Personal Bee

by 3 others Advanced RSS feed manager, gives you good control. - Bookmarks, Feeds

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by webclip they mean saving select text using the bookmarklet, image saving is only for IE

Poll shows our readers track dozens, hundreds of RSS feeds - The RSS Weblog

40 percent follow up to 100 feeds, while 8 percent read 120 to 129 feeds and 7 percent read 210 to 229 feeds. The largest group by far, comprising 12 percent of votes, reads 390 or more feeds!

Start My Daily :::

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Ajax aggregator that can let you view only images

feed meter

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Enter your RSS URL to get the code of your feed meter button.