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RMagick Download Page

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RMagick is an interface between the Ruby programming language and the ImageMagick® and GraphicsMagick image processing libraries. RMagick can be more difficult to install than the typical Ruby extension. First you have to install ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick, and those libraries require a lot of other libraries. Nevertheless, the process can be made easier with a bit of planning. On this page I'll try to answer the most common questions about installing RMagick. Give it a quick scan before you start downloading files.

Google Sidewiki

Google Sidewiki is a browser sidebar that lets you contribute and read information alongside any web page. Annotated link - reminderfox: index

ReminderFox is an extension for Firefox and Thunderbird that displays and manages lists of date-based reminders and ToDo's.

Homepage | Semanti

browser add-on that lets you save your favorite pages to your personal web and improves your search by harnessing your Facebook social network.

Mozilla Labs » Blog Archive » Major Jetpack Update: The “Future” Edition

People have Jetpacks that do everything from extending the capabilities of the web to adding a Cylon to the browser

the labs @ laan – DashBlog

DashBlog lets you quickly collect videos, images, text/quotes, songs and screen-captures from any web page and publish them to your blog (word press, blogger/blogspot, tumblr) and/or twitter.

Mozilla Labs Jetpack | Exploring new ways to extend and personalize the Web

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In short, Jetpack is an API for allowing you to write Firefox add-ons using the web technologies you already know.

BabelZilla - Home

This site is dedicated to provide localizations: developers (or their representative) upload their extension(s) using the Web Translation System (WTS), then volunteer translators around the world provide localization for free.

Dexrex - Home

Backup Your IM's and SMS Text Messages. It's secure, easy and convenient. Numbers, links, addresses, etc. By account or IM extension. AOL Instant Messenger, - Windows Live, - Yahoo!, - iChat - Adium, - Proteus...



Firefox extension that lets you see what other people around you are doing - visualize traffic around you. <br>

OPML Support for Firefox

OPML Support is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox Web browser that adds OPML import/export functionality to the Firefox Bookmarks manager. OPML is a file type that is widely used to distribute lists of RSS/newsfeeds.

MGeocoder: A Geocoding Google Maps API Extention

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The Google Maps API lacks a Geocoder. This extension integrates free geocoders, for non-commercial use, directly into Google Maps.

adaptiveblue home

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Firefox extension that let's you bookmark and tag localy with sychonization between multiple computers.

Protection from Spyware, Spam, Viruses and Online Scams | SiteAdvisor

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Firefox+IE extension. 'Downloads are tested for viruses and bundled adware, spyware or other unwanted programs. We've tested more than 700,000 to date.'

Stylish 0.2 Released [Jan 1, Page 4] - MozillaZine Forums

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Stylish is to CSS what Greasemonkey is to JavaScript. Stylish allows you to easily manage user styles for the application UI, all websites, or only certain websites. Stylish is better than using userChrome.css/userContent.css because styles are applied im

Loki — You Can Get There From Here

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The Loki functionality is based on Skyhook Wireless WiFi Positioning System (WPS) which uses WiFi access points to triangulate a user's location. With WPS operating to determine and publish the user's latitude/longitude, street, address, zip code, city, state or general geographic area, the Loki users can efficiently and effectively use that location to quickly find the most and accurate information.

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