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July 2006


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Lets'y ou search flickr, Youtube and Yahoo and also has a dashboard widget for macs.

June 2006

Think Rollyo mashed up with AIM. Though not the easiest thing in the world to figure out at first, it could be a real time saver once you’ve got it set up.

May 2006

Huckabuck search interface

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Meta search engine with live suggest and a virtual keyboard as option.

Feel The Force

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Ajax search engine with keyword suggestion, searches flickr or Yahoo, web, images, videos, news. Has a mobile version

Mooter - Web Search

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Clusters search results. It presents a diagram of themes within the results, from which the user can select one or all results. Options to search Australian sites only or the full Web.

Exalead Search

web2.0 search and desktop app

Welcome to Hayneedle | Hayneedle

Hayneedle is a revolutionary search technology that cuts across the flow of Web 2.0. We will offer both free and subscription-based services, and will open a public beta in the summer of '06.

by 1 other searches the web and ranks results from the leading search result sources. You’ll be getting the best combined results from industry leading engines like Google, Yahoo! Search, and MSN. Using more search engines means a better overall coverage of the Web.


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search results can be viewed by date, relevance or a combination of both. Unlike Technorati, which determines a blog’s relevance based on the total number of unique links into that blog, Sphere is taking an algorithmic approach.

April 2006 - Simple Search Results

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ZabboWabbo gleans from more than 10 sources for your search to potentially provide broader and more useful results.

BaeBo{beta} by Francis Shanahan[.com]

Baebo is a shopping site that lets you compare Amazon, eBay and Yahoo all in one place!

Zuggest by Francis Shanahan

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lets you search Amazon (the US products only for now) as you type

liveplasma music, movies, search engine and discovery engine

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Visual application using Amazon that shows relation between movies, actors, music...

Social search swicki - powered by eurekster

Search for social services, web2.0, tools...

Eurekster Swicki Home

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allows you to build specific swickis tailored to your interests and that of your community.


Dozomo let's you reach 199 search engines, dictionaries, maps -- virtually any web service -- from one place. Dozomo sends you directly to the result page of the things you're looking for.

March 2006

Grokker - Enterprise Search Management

Experimental search results as tree or map

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