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01 May 2006 - History in the Making

Future people powered search engine, it says: 'a system where you can find information on your searched keyword (for the first time in history!)' Previewseek used to do that...

14 March 2006

Searchius - A Collaborative Search Engine

Searchius is a hybrid P2P tool that collects URLs from end users and organizes them and their structures in suitable for general web searching formats. Searchius order results based on the collective preference of end users towards web pages.


I-Spy is a community-based Internet meta-search engine that provides you with search results that are informed by similar users.

PreFound - search what people have already found

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Think of it as the ultimate Search Blog Site or Wiki-search. Also, think of it as the ultimate Search Community site. A place for people of like interests to gather. can cut through the clutter that a typical Google search might return by add

04 March 2006