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The Community for Greening the Home - Green Home Improvement

Where eco-consious homeowners and green-certified contractors meet, share and green our world.

Microsoft Hohm - Request an invitation

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Microsoft Hohm is a free online beta application that helps you save energy and money. With Microsoft Hohm you can better understand your home energy usage, get recommendations to conserve energy and start saving. As with any recommendation engine, Hohm will provide increasingly more accurate and relevant suggestions for energy conservation as its users contribute home energy input and feedback. One of the objectives during our beta period is to refine our tool and further increase the value our product can offer to you.

Educational Signs to Encourage Double-sided Printing and Copying - Corporate Partnerships - Environmental Defense Fund

Environmental Defense has created twelve educational signs as part of an effort to reduce copy paper use through our work with Citigroup. Please use the signs in your office to encourage double-sided printing and copying, which reduces paper use, helps the environment and cuts costs.



Online game that lets players manage their own virtual towns and cities. It’s great fun to play and also teaches players all about energy, sustainability and environmental management in New Zealand.


Ecologic Games: Bigfoot and Ecotown

Bigfoot is an interactive program in the EcoLogic exhibition and playable on this site. It estimates the size of your ecological footprint from your answers to 15 questions. Bigfoot is the first ecological footprint calculator to use Australian data and t


The eco’tude calculator asks you questions about your school and uses your answers to make an estimate of your school’s ecological footprint – the total amount of land disturbed by activities at your school.




View a small Quicktime formatted movie of a 1000 year forest-

Earth Day Footprint Quiz

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Gee, this is depressing! I consider myself to be someone careful. I do recycling, avoid the car in town, try to use local products, try to not to wast water, electricity... but even with this it says if everybody was like me we would need 2.5 planets!!! Or maybe I made a mistake, I hope so, some questions are quite precise.

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