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March 2007

May 2006

Projects: LiveTree -

LiveTree implements a JavaScript/DHTML tree (hierarchical list) widget that loads data asynchronously as-needed (using AJAX). This makes it ideal for cases where the dataset is too large to load to the browser all at once. Data can be provided in the HTML

April 2006

<Unknown> - Streampad Demo

Allows you to stream music from your home machine to any web browser. Mashups include -, google maps, amazon, and the live music archive.

Lace Demo

Ajax chat demo and script

AJAX Activity Indicators

by 58 others
Full page of animated gifs that can be used to indicate activity

WordPattern: Features

WordPattern is an entirely new application based on both Textpattern and WordPress. A brand new engine for dynamic web pages, built on a hybrid Flash/Rails-based architecture. This is the Web 2.1. is very good

Ajax weblog engine demo: username.username password:password

March 2006


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new take on the wiki site style, providing the user with some more Web 2.0 kinds of interaction with the site. The allow for the normal wiki community growth and contributions, but adding/editing information in the pages is nothing more than a click away.

Lightbox JS v2.0

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Lightbox JS is a simple, unobtrusive script used to overlay images on the current page. It's a snap to setup and works on all modern browsers. calendar

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An Ajax enabled online calendar. Drag and drop events to change dates, drag the start/end of an event to create multi-day events, create and edit events without refreshing the page, all with an iCal style interface. Requires PHP Apache

Ajax Toybox at fun with justin

Play with Ajax! The toybox is designed to be a showcase for simple Ajax examples and techniques. downloadable examples


Rico is provided free and open-source (Apache 2.0 License) for either your personal or commercial use.

Max Kiesler - Downloadable AJAX Galleries, Slideshows and Effects

Many of the components that make up image galleries and slideshows are perfectly suited for AJAX. Lightboxes, slides, fades, uploaders and live search are just a few of the many AJAX widgets that could improve the usability of many image galleries and sli

Zimbra - Home

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It's an open source server and client system for enterprise messaging and collaboration email, contacts, and group calendaring. It has open APIs and a lot of potential for mashups. I was very impressed, desktop type interface with filders and tags.

Hula Project - Hula

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Social calendar and POP3 or an IMAP4 e-mail client , Mail Proxy feature, give a user proxy rights to your mailbox, custom rules, themes. Desktop like interface. Also for server installation.

Gregarius ยป A Free, Web-based Feed Aggregator

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Gregarius is a web-based RSS/RDF/ATOM feed aggregator, designed to run on your web server, allowing you to access your news sources from wherever you want.

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