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SlickPlan - Free Flowcharts | Free Sitemap | Flowchart Design | Sitemap Design | Flowchart Design | Creating Flowcharts

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Nice flowcharts! web-based sitemap/flowchart generator that makes it easy for all kinds of users to create these designs

Autodesk Labs - Project Draw

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Project Draw provides a versatile, web-based vector drawing application. Use it to create simple floor plans, electronic circuit and network diagrams, user interface mock-ups, and more. Save your work in a variety of formats on the Autodesk Labs server or your own server.

The Hierarchy Of Digital Distractions | Information Is Beautiful

So, if you get a new msg on Facebook, but your landline rings, you’ll take the landline call. You might have a spasmodic moment of ‘uh? wadd I do’. But, usually, you’ll take the call. Similarly, if you get a new SMS whilst opening a new online dating message, you’ll be hard pressed not to read that SMS. It’ll take a great force of will. You may attempt to do both simultaneously. But if you really observe yourself closely, one will take priority – even if it’s only by milliseconds. The SMS will win your attention.

My Visualizations | Information Is Beautiful

Browse some of my visualisations, infographics and diagrams.


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Automatically create and share diagrams by writing sentences!

Lovely Charts | Free online diagram software - Flowchart

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Lovely Charts is an online diagramming application that allows you to create professional looking diagrams, such as flowcharts, sitemaps, organisation charts, wireframes, and many more... For free.

Webspiration: Online Visual Thinking Tool | myWebspiration

This is the web version of Inspiration. Think visually, work collaboratively, Webspiration™ is the new online visual thinking tool that helps you capture ideas, organize information, diagram processes, create clear, concise written documents. Publish your diagram or outline to a hosted and protected area of the Webspiration web site. Share the URL with friends or colleagues or use the code provided to embed the document in a web page, blog, or wiki.


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