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Scripted Re-Mark - Batch Editor for Bookmarks

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This service helps you manage your bookmarks stored on If you've ever wanted to make edits to all your bookmarks in one hit ("batch mode"), then this is for you. It makes it easy to re-tag bookmarks en masse, make wholesale changes to URLs or update descriptions in bulk.


Chris Millward :: extended bookmarklets

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extended bookmarklets bookmarklets that I've found to extend functionality


Case-Hardening the Tag-O-Meter Badge -

cool button to bookmark and showing number of bookmarked at delicious

A Few URLs

post several URLs into as one entry.

2006 - tag-based search

Just launched today, Simple interface that combines Flickr, delicious, Technorati and Google News.

Experiments in TagPie

This is a demo of using pie charts to display tag information. It uses and the pie chart from Gheos.


Context-ize is a tagging experient that works with and flickr. Sometimes gets intereting results and but sometimes does not find any matches.

Durl: URL search for delicious

Einfach schöner brausen (noch nicht mal BETA)

'Pretty browsing' German search engine which aggregates results from, Technorati and Google Blogsearch. - find similar sites


xFruits - Compose your information system

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mix and make delicious mixtures of feeds for blog, mobile and startpage.