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November 2009 - Buy, Sell, and Create custom t-shirts, custom mugs, posters, prints, cards, and postage (-)

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October 2009

Allmyapps - Application Store for Windows XP, Vista and Seven to find and install the best applications

build a custom software package of several apps to install in one click - for windows unbutu

Free URL Redirection From

free subdomain like "" or "". Other features include dynamic DNS, meta tag settings, frame killing, and URL cloaking.

Yokaboo is a simple way to create your own independent store in seconds. Yokaboo provides a free online shop platform for artists, designers and traders.

Claims that it will let you “create your own independent store in seconds and take over the world”. -Website to create your virtual shop You can have your free store forever, no strings attached. And if you decide you want to use more of Yokaboo's features, you can upgrade any time you like. For this, billing is monthly and you can cancel whenever you want.

RadioWeave - Getting the FAQs.

lets you will be able to create a social radio. also lets you follow a Twitter account and have its tweets read aloud to you. your URLs

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We display your most recently tr.immed URLs here, or, if you login, all of your URLs since you signed up. supports three different bookmarklets: Creates a new URL for the website you are at, and open a page for you to quickly tweet it to Twitter, and then send you back again. NW Creates a new URL for ther website you are at, but it opens a new window, which you can then quickly close with a keyboard sequence if you prefer. No countdown, no waiting. twitter Of course, create a new URL too, but instead send you over to Twitter's website to send it out from there.

DailyPerfect, predictively personalized news, behavioral targeting technology

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... Tries to show what you would want to read, from your name. The site has a predictive content engine that was specially created to make available for any user the chance to produce a personalized news feed. That is actually the main reason why you can customize this news feed according to your preferences.

September 2009

Queriac. All our quicksearches are belong to us.

Queriac allows you to manage your quicksearches, shortcuts, and bookmarklets by taking them out of your browser profile and onto the web, making them portable, taggable, shareable, and generally easier to manage. Drawing from the concept of Yubnub and extending it in the spirit of, Queriac effectively turns your browser's address bar into a flexible command line.

YubNub -

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YubNub is a command-line for the web. After setting it up on your browser, you simply type "gim porsche 911" to do a Google Image Search for pictures of Porsche 911 sports cars. Type "random 49" to return random numbers between 1 and 49, courtesy of And best of all, you can make a new command by giving YubNub an appropriate URL.

Lookpicking – A Personal Server-Based Search Box

delicious for search engines. They are on a server, and you can easily browse and use them from a Firefox add-on with an autocomplete search field.

June 2009

Homepage | Semanti

browser add-on that lets you save your favorite pages to your personal web and improves your search by harnessing your Facebook social network.

Twhanel ~ Create Your Own Twitter Channel

Twhanel allow users the ability to create pages that are focused on a certain category or topic, and host that Twhanel on our site, much like blogger which host user blogs. With Twhanel you can create a twitter channel via a subdomain of your choice on our Twhanel domains. .

April 2009

Google News Timeline

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Google News Timeline is a web application that organizes search results chronologically. It allows users to view news and other data sources on a browsable, graphical timeline. Available data sources include recent and historical news, scanned newspapers and magazines, blog posts, sports scores, and information about various types of media, like music albums and movies.


This is a great tool - so obvious I didn't bookmark it

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