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Mozilla Labs Design Challenge | Welcome

The Mozilla Labs Design Challenge is a series of events to encourage innovation, and experimentation in user interface design for the Web. Our aim is to provoke thought, facilitate discussion, and inspire future design directions for Firefox, the Mozilla project, and the Web as a whole.

1-click Award

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one click flash art fun stuff


Created to appeal to a new generation of innovative minds, the exhibition is the result of a ‘cracking idea’ – a partnership between Aardman Animations, the Science Museum and the Intellectual Property Office. Visitors will interact with all kinds of clever and quirky exhibits as they are taken on a tour of 62 West Wallaby Street, Wallace and Gromit’s famous terraced home. Exhibits include innovative and patented objects from the Museum's own collection, as well as some of Wallace and Gromit’s mind-boggling creations like the Tellyscope II, the Piella Propellor and the Blend-o-Matic. Wallace and Gromit will also be calling on visitors to use their ideas to help power a brand new invention of theirs, the Thinking Cap - top secret at the moment, with patent pending.

Scream — Goose Apps

Scream is a stress-relieving application that measures the intensity of your scream, converts that intensity to a score, and (optionally) posts that score in a way that every other Scream user can see it, and know just how upset you really are!



GW18 : Earth Summit for Global Warming Mitigation: Poster submission

Please join other renowned scientists and policy-makers in this collaborative effort to establish new paradigms and share insights into the science of global climate change by submitting your work!

My Dream App

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Application idea contest: “we're not searching for skilled programmers. Instead, we're simply looking for the greatest ideas, and widening the search to include you.”

Bix: Lip-Sync, Karaoke, Photography, Comedy, Dance, A cappella, Writing, Beauty, and more

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bix is where anyone can vote on, participate in, and create contests. There are contests for fun and contests for prizes. Start sharing your talent!

CSS Zen at Linkatopia

Linkatopia* Social Bookmarks has started a 'CSS Zen Garden' like contest!

Red Herring Asia 2006 (-)

Selection open to all privately-held Asian firms that are venture backed with headquarters in Asia. We encourage all companies that match this description to apply directly. We also strongly urge Venture Capitalists and Public Relations companies subm

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The considered best web2.0 software should be listed here...

Google Idol... unearthing the world's talent...

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Google Idol is a new online competition for the many talented (and not so talented) people out there who have been waiting for their moment of fame.

Google Idol... unearthing the world's talent...

Google Idol is a new online competition for the many talented (and not so talented) people out there who have been waiting for their moment of fame. | Photoshop Contests | Are you Worthyâ„¢ | hidden

EZpack Mushroom By SpeedofDark for the Cubism 7 contest.

The Next Big Web Thing - Nominate, Vote, Participate

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Join our hunt to find the next web hit - from new sites to web technologies; unique blogs to new concepts; exciting web games to new internet services and old sites and ideas with a new spin. If we think it's going to be popular or an internet buzzword, we'll feature it. Tell us if you think you have the next big success story - or think you know what it may be. We'll feature the ones we like here. At the end of each month we'll choose the best for you to vote on - the winner is awarded the 'The Next Big Web Thing' award for that month.

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