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The English language edition of Wikizine

There are 700 Wikis in hundreds of languages who form the Wikimedia Community. To know what is going on in Wikimedia-world is not easy. That is where Wikizine comes in. It attempts to bring the most important news from the global Wikimedia family for everybody involved with Wikimedia. Wikizine is a newsletter send by email to here subscribers and in addition to that it is also posted on this blog.

Teambox | Project management and collaboration software

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A place for your team. Share messages, tasks and pages. Collaborate freely. For free.

Mai'Nada - Comics Sketch - Social Comic Artists

Online animation community, draw humor sketches and comic strips.

The Official Microsoft Silverlight Site

Microsoft Silverlight is a free runtime that powers rich application experiences and delivers high quality, interactive video across multiple platforms and browsers, using the .NET framework

Channel 9

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Welcome to Channel 9. We are five guys at Microsoft who want a new level of communication between Microsoft and developers. We believe that we will all benefit from a little dialogue these days. This is our first attempt to move beyond the newsgroup, the blog, and the press release to talk with each other, human to human.

MacHeist » Welcome

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The MacHeist bundle was introduced in December 2006 to huge success within the Macintosh community. The software bundle offered 10 of the Mac indie development community's best offerings, and was available at the end of the MacHeist promotion for one week.


Playdo 2.0

Community with Homepage editor, games, chat...

Habbo ~ Home

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Create custom virtual rooms, play with friends...


Ravelry - a knit and crochet community

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Organize your projects, stash, needles, and more.


Twitter: A Whole World in Your Hands

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<h2 align="left"><font size="3">A global community of friends and strangers communicating.</font></h2>

Jaiku | Home

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Get an overview of the latest updates from your contacts and add comments.<br>

Lycos iQ


Care2 News Network

Jookster Share This! (email)