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IntenseDebate comments enhance and encourage conversation on your blog or website

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IntenseDebate comments enhance and encourage conversation on your blog or website.

Chirrup, a comment system for Twitter by Angry amoeba.

Chirrup is comment system which uses Twitter as a datastore.

DISQUS | Turn Blog Comments into a Webwide Discussion with a Powerful Comment System

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Disqus, pronounced "discuss", is a service and tool for web comments and discussions. The Disqus comment system can be plugged into any website, blog, or application.



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allows readers to comment paragraph by paragraph in the margins of a text

SezWho - Leverage your community

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Ajax comment plugin with rating and manager: * Cross-connects blogs and other social mediums based on common participants * Identifies and highlights the best user generated content making it easy to find quality content * Enables readers t

Intense Debate

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with RSS and a manager

garycarstensen - This is it

Digg tools (comment viewer) and games

JS-Kit: Comments widget

Add the Comments widget to any web page.


TalkEz - pops!'iT

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Audio commenting service to add to blogs

myComments | All your conversations in only one feed!

Every time you post a comment in any blog that has the plugin installed, myComments alerts via RSS all the other conversation members. plugins for Wordpress and Textpattern, but there's an API documented so anyone can create his own plugin ;).

Gmail dot Net

Graphical webmail using Ajax with drag and drop, maybecome a public service


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Below every search result you will find a "Add Comment" link. If there are any comments on this URL, they will be directly shown under the result.

CrispyNews: Create a community news site--for free.

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Dang! This site provides all the software, infrastructure, and hosting. All you have to do is create your own subdomain, get people to use it and then you can start earning ad revenue. Not a bad deal.

Business Planet: published news

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what is It\'s a place where you can publish interesting business news, vote and discuse them

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