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27 March 2009 15:00

XHTML 2.0 - XHTML List Module

11.2. The nl element Attributes The Common collection A collection of other attribute collections, including: Bi-directional, Core, Edit, Embedding, Events, Forms, Hypertext, I18N, Map, and Metainformation. Navigation lists are intended to be used to define lists of selectable items for ordered presentation. These may be presented in a number of ways, for instance as a navigation bar, or as a menu. Note that a navigation list always starts with a label element that defines the label for the list. Basic navigation list structure <nl> <label>Contents </label> <li href="#introduction">Introduction</li> <li> <nl> <label>Terms</label> <li href="#may">May</li> <li href="#must">Must</li> <li href="#should">Should</li> </nl> </li> <li href="#conformance">Conformance</li> <li href="#references">References</li> ... </nl>