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21 April 2006

My Recommendation Snippet

"My Recommendation Snippet" is a recommendation link list generator extracted from site owner's bookmarks archived in If you tell your ID to the site, you can get the site owner's bookmarks as a recommendation. While creating your recommendation list, your recent posts and associated tags automatically used as your preference information.

31 March 2006

Free ASP script: Learn how to display RSS/XML feed using free ASP script on ASP/ASP.NET web-server

How to display RSS/XML news feed in ASP/ASP.NET using RSS2HTML.ASP script You can download the source code of this example here: See also: * Convert RSS into HTML without RSS/XML knowledge required using RSS2HTML Scout libr

27 March 2006

02 March 2006

No click links

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No-click-links are link which you don't have to click. code for the link: <a href="javascript:alert('link clicked')">link</a> Nothing special there, all the code is done in the noclick.js script.