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PageLime - The Flat File Hosted CMS for Designers, Developers, and Web Agencies

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You mark up areas in your pages using CSS classes, and then log into PageLime. We connect to your site, figure out what parts are editable based on the CSS classes, and let you edit your pages. Once you're done with your edits, PageLime publishes the changes to your site using FTP (or one of our other publishing methods).


Skeletonz CMS - About

Skeletonz is a new content management system (CMS) based on

2006 -- Coming Soon!

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Typo is a lean engine that makes blogging easy. After you install Typo, a web-based admin interface handles configuration and management. You can then post to your blog using a desktop client like MarsEdit or online, using the admin section of your blog.

Sampa Corp.

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is a platform for users to create a whole range of different apps - blogs, newsgroups, pages, photo albums, family tree, etc.

StarterBase : Welcome!

Starterbase lets you create and share simple web applications without any coding knowledge. You can create a CRM database, a bug tracking system, a to-do list, a product catalog...anything you want and share it with others.

WordPattern: Features

WordPattern is an entirely new application based on both Textpattern and WordPress. A brand new engine for dynamic web pages, built on a hybrid Flash/Rails-based architecture. This is the Web 2.1.

mOOflex™ (webapplication)²

So if you’re interested, take a look at the real app, using demo as username and demo as password. Ajax, tags , live search and more...

Jotspot Tracker - BETA

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Add files, pictures, rich-format comments, and hyperlinks, See calendar and map views, Copy and paste from Excel, Share it securely on the web

BlogHaus: BlogTool Vergleich

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table of lots of blog systems and hosts(cms) in differant languages (in german)

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