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November 2009

Adding Instant Messaging Hyperlinks to a Web Site (included messenger clients: Msn,Yahoo,Aim,Google Talk,Skype) | |

Interact via Yahoo messenger Replace USERNAME with [email protected] <a href=”ymsgr:sendIM?USERNAME”>Contact me via yahoo</a> <a href=”ymsgr:addfriend?USERNAME”>Add me to buddy list</a> <a href=”ymsgr:sendIM?USERNAME

IMtrends - Keeping you informed about the latest trends and developments in instant messaging - ProcessOne

IMtrends is a web site devoted to monitoring and communicating trends in instant messaging. Operated by ProcessOne, this site provides access to information about the latest developments in instant messaging technologies and innovative applications.

October 2009 - Online Whiteboard Collaboration

CoSketch is a multi-user online whiteboard designed to give you the ability to quickly visualize and share your ideas as images. Anything you paint will instantly show up for all other connected users. -One click to save an image permanently (bb- and html-codes automaticly generated for simple posting on forums or on your blog).

BuddyFuse integrates Google Talk and Twitter into Windows Live Messenger

connects Windows Live Messenger with third party chat and social networks.”

[] :: yaplet

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between gabbly googlesidewiki/webride - it's an iframe thet keeps the the domain

Pibb: Stay in the Loop

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Pibb combines the best features of instant messenger, chat, email, and bulletin boards. * Messages are delivered instantly, or can be retrieved later * New threads are stored and searchable like email or bulletin board * Start public channels about your favorite subjects * Use private channels to communicate with groups or your social network * Send private messages to your friends * Pibb will notify you when you have new messages

Create a Google Talk chatback badge

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A Google Talk chatback badge will let visitors to your web page chat with you.

BackNoise lets you create conversations on the fly, in meetings, watching TV, during class, on the train, anywhere and anytime. Talk about what you want, when you want, where you want, and how you want.

Today's Meet

make a temporary chatroom

September 2009 - Easy and fast Webchat

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No Java, no flash. With Mibbit, chatting online is easy, just choose your nickname and press go! No sign-up is required and you can use it from wherever you are with just a web browser.

Team Apart - Real simple. Real-time.

Meet face to face with others to quickly and efficiently share information. Go ahead, try it out now!

August 2009

Orsiso : Organize - Simplify - Socialize

Centralize chat - We currently support: Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Friendster, Twitter, AIM, MSN Messenger