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Swine Flu Mortality

This info graphic shows the immense threat of the Swine Flu compared to other manners of death. Today's the 300th day of the year 2009, so I used the numbers of deaths on the Poodwaddle's World Clock (which uses the death stats of the official WHO data and statistics) for a quick comparison. The number of swine flu deaths is from the official german epidemic info site. - click here to zoom image

Developer's Guide - Google Chart API - Google Code

The Google Chart API lets you dynamically generate charts. To see the Chart API in action, open up a browser window and copy the following URL into the address bar:


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way of displaying facts and figures on a single web page. Easy to set up and use, with inbuilt charting / display options. We’ve just started playing with it and are going to start using it to offer a digest of the key takeaways from our new research reports.


way of displaying facts and figures on a single web page. Easy to set up and use, with inbuilt charting / display options.

Favicon Support Chart

list the browsers that currently support Favicons and their level of support

Lovely Charts | Free online diagram software - Flowchart

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Lovely Charts is an online diagramming application that allows you to create professional looking diagrams, such as flowcharts, sitemaps, organisation charts, wireframes, and many more... For free.

We Are Hunted - The Online Music Chart

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We Are Hunted is the Online Music Chart. We aggregate social networks, forums, music blogs, Torrents, P2P Networks and Twitter to develop a daily chart of the 99 most popular songs online.


Biblical World History Time Line Chart

Covering 6000 years as described from the Bible and other sources. I designed a graphical chart detailing various historical events as seen from a Biblically conservative viewpoint.


amCharts: customizable free flash charts

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Ammap is an interactive flash map creation software. Use this tool to show locations of your offices, routes of your journeys, create your distributor map. Photos or illustrations can be used instead of maps, so you can make different presentations, e-le


Google Pagerank and Backlink Update History Calendar

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We decided to keep track of the various Google updates. Its handy to know when big changes happen with the Google index. Usually Google updates somthing at least once a month. This calendar style chart will be updated for each time Google Updated this yea

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