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28 August 2009 - persistent url shortener

Save a snapshot of current state of a webpage. Peeep takes a snapshot of your page and links to what the page looked like Give links to protected pages normally viewable only by you. You can ask peeep to store a snapshot of page, retrieved using your authentication information. For example you can send your friend a link to a protected Facebook profile or forum topic without sharing your password with them.

31 July 2009

Follow That Page - web monitor: we send you an email when your favorite page has changed.

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The free service provides 100 daily page checks and 1 hourly check. You can monitor additions, deletions, Google page rank, keywords, and sections of a page. Alerts are sent to you by email. They say they are working on a paid version of their service that can monitor 1000 pages per day and 50 pages per hour per user.

ChangeDetection - Monitor a Web Page for Changes

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Use this page to start monitoring a page for changes once a day. When a page change meeting your criteria is detected you will be sent an email alert.

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