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MailCounter: it counts, ehm, mail

MailCounter badge gives visitors to your blog an easy way to share your content via email. In fact, this is the fastest and easiest way to email an article! - Watch and organize your favourite links

Once you install the button onto your website, your visitors will be able to track when pages on your website are updated. Your site will always be included in our popular directory. Copy and paste code onto your website or blog to see how it works.

Anti-Spam - Fight Back Against Spammers | bulk unsolicited unwanted junk email

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Fight Back Against Spammers WWW Robots (also called wanderers, spiders, crawlers, or bots) are programs that crawl the Web continually retrieving linked pages. When a spammer's bot visits your website, blog, forum, etc, all pages and sites linked to it will be searched looking for email addresses.

Free Website Translation and Online Free Translator

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free translation tool that anybody can implement on his website in order to give those who stumble upon it a chance to read it in their own languages. More than 40 different languages are actually supported, and these even include simplified and traditional Chinese along with Greek and Russian.

Global Consciousness Project Dot - Correlated Structures in Random Data

Webpage add-on button that changes color The Global Consciousness Project collects random numbers from around the world. These numbers are available on the GCP website. This website downloads those numbers once a minute and performs sophisticated analysis on these random numbers to see how coherent they are. That is, how probable it is that the numbers are generated as they are. The theory is that the Global Consciousness of all the people of the world affect these random numbers... Maybe they aren't quite as random as we thought.


Case-Hardening the Tag-O-Meter Badge -

cool button to bookmark and showing number of bookmarked at delicious


Social Bookmarking tools and resources

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An other multi social bookmarking button...

FeedButton Beta. Uncluttering Blogs

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Multi RSS feed subscription popup button generator


Buttonator: Ajax button generator

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Click on a button template or drag and drop it into the preview pane

Wakoo chat

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French service that lets you add a button to your blog.


Twistermc's Feed Subscription Button Maker - RSS Buttons in japanese

Official Web 2.0 Certifyr

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"Officially certified web 2.0" button

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