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June 2006

May 2006

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Assemble your feeds into categorized groups called bundles. Publish your favorite bundles with a single combined rss feed. Share your favorite feeds with old friends and new friends.

April 2006 - Bookmarks, Feeds

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by webclip they mean saving select text using the bookmarklet, image saving is only for IE

March 2006

Zoka: live tags

site that lets you watch the activity of in real-time

Changes we are currently looking into include simplifying the manage favourites process, allowing users to import favourites/bookmarks from their browsers, folders on users Pobb pages with links/subfolders beneath them and Group eHomes so that users can s

February 2006

feedmarker: Admin>import_opml

Import OPML File Note: this may take a while, because all your feeds will be updated at once. OPML filename Tags to apply to all imported feeds Note: if your feeds are organized in folders, Feedmarker will apply folder names as tags for each feed.