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Gov 2.0: It’s All About The Platform

But as with Web 2.0, the real secret of success in Government 2.0 is thinking about government as a platform. If there’s one thing we learn from the technology industry, it’s that every big winner has been a platform company: someone whose success has enabled others, who’ve built on their work and multiplied its impact. Microsoft put “a PC on every desk and in every home,” the internet connected those PCs, Google enabled a generation of ad-supported startups, Apple turned the phone market upside down by letting developers loose to invent applications no phone company would ever have thought of. In each case, the platform provider raised the bar, and created opportunities for others to exploit. Annotated link


Web 2.0 - Wikiversity

nice infographies here


Library 2.0 Theory: Web 2.0 and Its Implications for Libraries

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This paper attempts to resolve some of this controversy by suggesting a definition and theory for Library 2.0, as well as providing examples of its substantial implications for librarianship. A more exact definition and theory for Library 2.0 is necessary

What is Wikio? Definitely web 2.0 but what?

I've heard the words 'social bookmark', 'digg', 'technorati' mentioned in articles about Wikio but I find it quite different:

It's A Whole New Web

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"I stopped watching TV a month and a half ago. If I didn't have to eat, pee, and have sex, probably I'd have no need for the 3-D world."