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December 2006

My AOL Beta

The AOL beta RSS reader<br>

August 2006

AOL Keyword Searches

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AOL has released search data to the public. This page searches over 36 Million records. The results are grouped by keyword and the resulting Users, Queries and Sites are the sum of the distinct count.

May 2006

UnCut Video

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UnCut Video is the place to come for videos on the Web. Upload videos from your web camera or camcorder. Watch videos from your home state, from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Middle East. Share videos with your friends over AIM and email. News, sports, pets, music, personals, short films, autos, the odd and the absurd -- it's all here. See it! Shoot it! Share it! Rate and comment on videos, and add them to your AOL Journal.

March 2006


Using AOL Instant Messenger send a message to RandomProxy. You will be paired with the next person who does the same. When you are done talking to someone, for whatever reason, type !terminate and your conversation will end. You can then send another message to be re-paired. Only one message will be sent in any given 5 second interval for any given conversation. Additional messages will be dropped. This is a limitation of AOL.

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