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July 2007

Skillpedia Social and Business Networking, Q&A, Jobs...

Upload your resume - Request and Submit jobs, courses, software, businesses - Create search reports -Create or bookmark blog and news - expert Q&A - Review - Publish - Edit - Join community (education and universities forums)

July 2006


illumio helps you find documents, contacts, and answers from your groups of friends or colleagues in a way that is convenient for everyone.

Qunu - live help when you need it most

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What is Qunu? Qunu is a next-generation expertise matching service. We use instant messaging to connect -- in real time -- people who have software or tech-related questions with experts who are passionate and willing to help. (Screenshots) What is Qun (-)

Good answers If you need a good, fast answer, you may be willing to pay for it. HelpShare was created to give you, the asker, a way to connect with people who can help and reward them for thier efforts. Good answers If you need a good, fast answer,


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Guruza allows you to chat with experts until you get an answer to your question. Guruza is a marketplace that brings together people seeking knowledge with those who can provide it. You don't pay unless you get the answer you are looking for.

June 2006

FAQQLY - Just the FAQs (-)

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Get to know each other better & help each other out with problems, all on a single website! FAQQLY is a place where real questions get asked, your curiosities get piqued, your favors get answered and your relationships get strengthened. Sign up today and

May 2006

April 2006

Adoppt: Make Friends, Have Fun

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Adoppt is a community of online friends, diaries and journals, answers, bookmarks, photos... with tags and some ajax effects. It's very quick!

Yedda Beta

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My understanding is that the service will be somewhat similar to Yahoo Answers, Wondir, Google Answers and Oyogi, with some key differences that the founders hope will result in significantly more user participation, and better answers.

March 2006

KnowBrainers: Ask and Answer

Questions are answered by other members of the community and our panel of qualified experts.

HighBeam Research: HighBeam Web Research

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February 2006

Question Swap

What's it all about? This site takes a lot of inspiration from I really liked the concept, and thought I'd copy it, but with something different to swap. If you go to SketchSwap, you'll see that it was inspired by File-Swap. So I guess that's the Grand Daddy.

question and answer

... by george jenkins podcom podcast community portland maine marketplace pswsaireclone qa question and answer question and answer quotes rabbitster rate my teachers recordshops restaurant reviews restaurant reviews restaurant reviews with ...

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