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Expono - Upload Once. Share Anywhere.

This site came up to life due to the need for a place where people could actually grasp a sense of history, in relation the different places where they belong to. This is an important human need, and this site seems to be a good option for you to take a look at, if you are looking for such kind of service.

photoZoom(r) - High Res Photo Albums

photozoomr provides a platform to present high resolution images in the web. DRag and drop, zoom


Flickr Album Maker

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Creats a small widget album

SnapJot Welcome!

Create an ad-free, private group website for organizing photos, video clips, commentary and communications


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Weblog service with a photo album


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Tabblo allows members to upload unlimited numbers of photos, choose a creative design, customize the layout, add text, and invite others to view their creation and contribute their own commentary. The resulting "tabblo" is far more than a typical online album or slideshow, but rather a rich visual story combining pictures and words in an elegant, professional-looking design. Tabblos can be shared online, printed, or published to blogs or web pages.

Smilebox : amuse yourself, amaze others

Smilebox has launched a beta that allows you to do scrapbooking online and send to firends. They also let designers make custom templates and upload them. It's pretty cool and fast. : Family Pictures Made Easy

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Amiglia is focused on family networks, tying the visual family tree with an online photo album. The site includes a family calendar, birthday reminders, mp3 uploads for slideshows, integrated mapping and powerful photo tagging.

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