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May 2006

Chmoogle Chemical Search - Advanced

Advanced Chemical Search, seach moleculs and structures

April 2006

liveplasma music, movies, search engine and discovery engine

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Visual application using Amazon that shows relation between movies, actors, music...

Deepy :: Rediscover The Results

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Search engine, image search with advanced featires, history, spell check...iframe, tabbed interface

ProFusion - The Original Meta-Search Engine

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Advanced meta search engine with sorting, emai notification, alerts...


Dozomo let's you reach 199 search engines, dictionaries, maps -- virtually any web service -- from one place. Dozomo sends you directly to the result page of the things you're looking for.

March 2006

Information Crawler: Music engine

The core of MusicEngine is a music recommendation engine. To use it, enter the name of a musical artist that you like. MusicEngine will then search a large database and return a list of similar artists that you may also like. MusicEngine works by crawling peer to peer networks in order to discover correlations between artists. Data mining and collaborative filtering algorithms are then applied to this raw data to generate the matrix used to power the search engine. MusicEngine strongly supports personal privacy, and does not collect information or statistics about any individual users of p2p networks.

February 2006