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Myebook - get it out there!

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upload, or create from scratch, beautifully simple or adventurously complex page designs and covers online, in no time. What's more, you can publish your book with a single button and release it to the world before the (virtual) ink's dry! You can create as many publications as you want. And it's all free.

SIMILE Widgets | Exhibit

Exhibit lets you easily create interactive web pages with advanced text search and filtering functionalities, with interactive maps, timelines, and other visualizations...


Spymac Site Creator

Drag drop site creator allows you to build professional looking websites from you browser using a unique point, click and drag technology. It is built with PHP and entirely server based. No plugins needed! It is the first ever AJAX based, online site bui

FormSpring - Form Builder and Hosting

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Getting form submissions in a single spreadsheet or from an RSS feed. secure 128-bit SSL. See Fully functional demo available for 2H

Feed43 (Feed For Free) : Convert any web page to news feed on the fly

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Convert any web page into an RSS feed. Although similar in principle to FeedYes, Feed43 is much more comprehensive - you can grab entire pages, or select sections of a pag..

Project Poster Home

Project Poster allows students to make online school projects and short reports quickly and easily. Students can include one image (.gif or .jpg format), four links to other Web pages, and a report of up to 3,500 characters.

Comics @ Mai'Nada.Net - Sketch your imagination

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Comics @ Mainada is probably the first web application in the world to allow users to draw complete comic strips directly online. It uses open laszlo and was created on ruby on rails: two great open source projects.

Zoho Sheet - Online Spreadsheet

Zoho Sheet helps you to create and share spreadsheets online. For a sneak peek, provide your email id below and we will send you an invitation.

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