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Nifty Corners Cube - freedom to round

by 24 others
Basically, Nifty Corners are a solution based on CSS and Javascript to get rounded corners without images.

pawel knapik devlog » Blog Archive » domEl() - custom function for easier DOM manipulation

by 7 others
We all know that manipulating DOM can be great fun, but it may be really painful as well. My domEl() function helps me do painless DOM manipulations without repeating the long names of standard functions over and over again.

slayeroffice | Javascript Object Tree Favelet

by 6 others
This will overlay your current document with a DIV element containing a collapsed list of all the javascript object types currently referenced by the page, from functions to strings to booleans and all else that falls between. Clicking the object type - f

Prototype Javascript Windows

by 20 others
This javascript class allows you to add window in an HTML page This class is based on Prototype 1.4. The code is inspired of the powerful library. You can even use all effects to show and hide windows if you include effects

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