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March 2006

Web Security Blog

It's that time of year again, when I get to work on new features (instead of supporting the old ones). With a major change to the version number of the way I took the opportunity to introduce major improvements too. ModSecurity 2.0.0-dev1 is available right now and it offers the following major improvements:

January 2006


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October 2005

W3C Security Resources

Web security is a complex topic, encompassing computer system security, network security, authentication services, message validation, personal privacy issues, and cryptography. This page contains links to various aspects of Web and Internet security.

September 2005

: Web Security, and Web Application Security News

August 2005

An Introduction to Mac OS X Security

This article presents topics that will help you make Mac OS X secure. If you are familiar with UNIX systems, you may want to skip the following section, which discusses some basic UNIX concepts, and move to the later portion of the article, which looks at the specifics of Mac OS X security. If, however, you come to Mac OS X from OS 9.x and would like some UNIX background information, be sure to read what follows.

PHP kitchen

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