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December 2006 - the most comprehensive API collection on the web

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Quick developer reference for CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, AJAX, SQL and more

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- Free Computer Books, Tutorials & Lecture Notes

Free Programming Ebooks

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This site was created as a service to those learning programming that might not have the resources available to purchase books.

Correct OOP for Javascript

This article concisely explores the mechanism in depth, including flaws in other approaches, internal Javascript algorithms, proper OOP data encapsulation with default constructors, and an optimized inheritance declaration syntax with both Object and Function prototype convenience methods.

OOP Concept explained: Polymorphism

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This is an alternative text which attempts to use a problem space that's already familiar to the college student to make the concepts of programming simple. - Large Tutorial Site

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PHP CSS Ajax Javascript MySQL HTML ASP Webmaster General Development Flash

August 2006

Welcome! [ Documenting the Ruby Language]

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Help and documentation for the Ruby programming language.

June 2006

PyObjC - Home

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The PyObjC project aims to provide a bridge between the Python and Objective-C programming languages. The bridge is intended to be fully bidirectional, allowing the Python programmer to take full advantage of the power provided by various Objective-C based toolkits and the Objective-C programmer transparent access to Python based functionality.


Here you'll find source code, finished applications and tools by me.


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Search the source code of programming books.

Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide

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An in-depth exploration of the art of shell scripting

Applescript and Scripting Resources @ MacScripter

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AppleScript for Beginners II - Variables and Dictionaries

Iceberg 1.2

 Iceberg is an Integrated Packaging Environment (IPE) that allows you to create packages or metapackages conforming to the Mac OS X specifications. With Iceberg, you can quickly create your installation packages using a graphic user interface similar to your favorite development tools. Iceberg can also be useful for Administrators who want to gather in a metapackage numerous packages for remote distribution via Apple Remote Desktop.

May 2006

PHP Presents

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Welcome to the PHP Presentation System. Here we list all of the available presentation categories stored within this system.

April 2006

Free Programming Resources

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Free Programming Resources is a directory of links to free programmer resources including free programming tutorials, free online programming books, free compilers, free programming tools, free source code, programming libraries, game programming resources, graphics resources and security tools.

March 2006

gera's InsecureProgramming page

Here you can find a collection of exercises that will help you teach yourself the art of insecure programs exploitation. It's not complete, but it's minted to open your mind. The idea is NOT to use any human help. In case you doubt it, we could exploit all but two of them, stay calm and good luck.


MATLAB® is a high-performance language for technical computing. It integrates computation, visualization, and programming in an easy-to-use environment where problems and solutions are expressed in familiar mathematical notation.

PHP Labs - PHP Scripts [Index]

This website was designed to suit webmasters' needs at a cost that won't break the budget. We specialize in "off the shelf" PHP scripts and custom PHP programming, support, and installation. Please enjoy the site and look at the many reasons to become a member today!

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