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April 2006


Mac hacking & discussion forum.

March 2006

top-quark - blog

hardware hacking blog

Textes sur le hacking

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Textes sur le hacking


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F-Script is a lightweight open-source scripting layer specifically designed for the Mac OS X object system (i.e. Cocoa). F-Script provides scripting and interactive access to Cocoa frameworks and custom Objective-C objects. It aims to be a useful and fun tool for both beginners and experts, allowing interactively exploring, testing and using Cocoa-based objects and frameworks.

PyInjector - embed Python interpreter and object browser in Cocoa apps

PyInjector simplifies debugging and exploration of Cocoa applications using Python. It works by embedding a Python command interpreter and a high-level object browser into a running Cocoa application.

February 2006

LinksysWrt54g - Seattle Wireless

HardwareComparison | AccessPointsRouters/802.11g | LinksysWrv54g | LinksysWrt54g | LinksysWRT54GS | WAP54G | WET54G | WRK54G

January 2006

DSL Chips and Modems - The DSL ChipWeb

The WWW directory of DSL Chips and Modems (including ADSL, G.Lite, HDSL, MDSL, SDSL, SHDSL, VADSL, VDSL, ...)

The User-mode Linux Kernel Home Page

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User-Mode Linux is a safe, secure way of running Linux versions and Linux processes. Run buggy software, experiment with new Linux kernels or distributions, and poke around in the internals of Linux, all without risking your main Linux setup.

December 2005

Velocity Electronics

Velocity Electronics is a leading certified stocking distributor and broker of active, passive and electromechanical components worldwide. Market and logistical expertise combined with our innovative and high service orientation have made Velocity Electronics a deeply trusted supply chain partner to a growing base of over 200 customers, including most of the world's leading contract manufacturers and OEMs.

HIP Smartcard Homepage

Hacking smart-cards.

October 2005

September 2005


Wikir : CocoaReverseEngineering Search: <!--// Initialize search form var f = document.getElementById('searchform'); f.getElementsByTagName('label')[0].style.display = 'none'; var e = document.getElementById('searchinput'); searchChange(e); searchBlur(e); //-->

.: Hackers Center:

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Internet Security Portal: by Zinho

CDex ::

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CDex is a tool to do all sorts of things audio related. Mainly focused on ripping and converting, things like turning your home Compact Disc collection into an mp3 collection on your hard drive become extremely easy. With built in support for many encoders you wont find any shortage of options for your media files. Below is a more in-depth explination of CDex features.


XSS-Proxy is an advanced Cross-Site-Scripting (XSS) attack tool. The documents, tools and other content on this site assume you have a basic understanding of XSS issues and existing exploitation methods. If you are not famliar with XSS, then I recommend you check out the primer links/docs below to get a better of idea of what XSS is and how to detect it, fix it, and exploit it.

Discovering and Exploiting Named Pipe Security Flaws for Fun and Profit

Several named pipe security flaws have been discovered in recent years. However the technicalities involved in their discovery are widely unknown and undocumented. In fact, there isn't even a common terminology to define these security flaws. This paper will present a common terminology and define the intricacies of discovering and exploiting these security flaws. Past named pipe related vulnerabilities will be explored as well as areas in which vulnerabilities could be discovered in the future.


A freeware tool to trace TCP/UDP/... sessions and fetch application data from snoop or tcpdump logs. This is a type of "any-snarf" program, as it will fetch telnet sessions, FTP files, HTTP transfers (HTML, GIF, JPEG, ...), SMTP emails, ... from the captured data inside network traffic logs.

Welcome To ^C^ rime Mechine

=refused by heaven and feared by hell.

Netgear WG511 PCMCIA mod

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External Antenna Modification:

The Yak's Lair

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