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August 2006

Welcome! [ Documenting the Ruby Language]

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Help and documentation for the Ruby programming language.

Main Page - Docupedia

RealCLIP - Main entry point for discussion and documentation on the RealCLIP project Linux Howtos - Everything from SuSE and Redhat to Debian and Lucix Unix Howtos - Unix Based Systems like FreeBSD and OpenBSD. Mac Howtos - Apple howtos for PPC and x86, iPods, and the like. Embeded Howtos - These are howtos for embeded devices like the WRT54GS routers from linksys Windows Howtos - Howtos for Windows OS and applications. Web Based Howtos - OS independant tutorials. Others - Those that do not fit anywhere else...

March 2006

Cocoa Documentation

Cocoa is an object-oriented application environment designed specifically for developing Mac OS X native applications. The Cocoa frameworks support rapid development and high productivity, and include a full-featured set of classes designed to create robust and powerful Mac OS X applications. Cocoa provides developers starting new Mac OS X projects the fastest way to full-featured, extensible, and maintainable implementations. Applications from UNIX and other platforms can also be brought to Mac OS X quickly by using Cocoa to build state-of-the-art Aqua user interfaces while retaining most existing core code.

February 2006

Darwin Documentation

Darwin is the open source UNIX-based foundation of Mac OS X. Darwin integrates a number of technologies. Among the most important are the Mach 3.0 microkernel operating-system services, based on 4.4BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution), the high-performance networking facilities, and the support for multiple integrated file systems. Darwin also includes a number of command-line tools. Mac OS X developers can use Darwin to port UNIX/Linux applications and to create kernel extensions.

Introduction to Uniform Type Identifiers Overview

-displaying, or manipulating, files, bundles, or folders. -accessing streaming data -copying and pasting between documents or applications -dragging and dropping between applications . -converting data or file contents using the Translation Manager.

Java Documentation (for os x)

Java support in Mac OS X is built around the foundation of the Java 2, Standard Edition implementation, which is installed with every copy of Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server. Mac OS X Server provides additional resources through JBoss and WebObjects. Java developers can easily distribute their cross-platform J2SE applications as native Mac OS X applications, or they can take advantage of Mac OS X-specific Java versions of some Cocoa APIs.

January 2006 The site for people learning Perl.

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So, you want to learn perl? Where to start? A good place is this introduction or any of the books in the Beginners section below. As you learn more, you can move down the book lists and visit and for more information. You can read the perl documentation on our perldoc site! Did you know that you can also access the perl documentation with the perldoc command? Try "perldoc perlreftut" at your command line prompt.

December 2005

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