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12 April 2007

Being successful on the net..

Being successful on the net is very hard and it takes alot of time and dedication. But that is not the only key to success.

04 April 2007

Introduction to blogging..

A blog is a frequent publication of personal thoughts, images, or web links. It is often a mixture of things that are going on with the person or a topic of there choice....

21 March 2007

5 overlooked ways to market your work at home business

Everyone is always looking for more ways to market their work at home business. You often here about PPC advertising, writing articles, link exchanges, and a few other business marketing techniques that everyone uses. However, there are many other ways to market your work at home business that a lot of people just don’t think of.

19 March 2007

My experience with Search Engines

Over the passed few years of my online experience i have learned a couple things about search engines. I am willing to share these tips and advice with all of you wonderful readers today. Some of the advice I give may be said as bad on other sites, or really good on other sites. There is really no “true” way to get your site listed in the top 10 with every search engine. Search engines are coded differently and look at different aspects of a website.

18 March 2007

Introduction to Tables

Tables are used very often now a days, However people like to use them for there entire website which can not be good. Tables are used to order tabular data, so its a good idea not to use your whole site with tables.

What is HTML?

When it comes to HTML, Not many people have a clue what it is. This very important computer language allows website creation on the World Wide Web, Meaning everything you see through your internet browser is actually HTML and other various computer languages.

What is CSS?

What a question! CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and it allows you to do so much more with HTML then you can ever imagine. CSS defines how to display HTML syntax and elements by searching through your HTML document and adding the style to a certain element. Styles can be stored in your actual HTML document or in a External Style Sheet (.css).

Planning a layout out with CSS

This is a very essential part of coding tableless. You don’t want to get half way done and do one thing which ruins the whole layout.

Layout - Tables or DIV's?

A question that comes across every developers mind on the web when they start to create a web page or layout. They both have there advantages and disadvantages at time and both are very useful when creating a web page.

Newest Design!

I woke up today with a good idea of what I wanted to do! First, I thought to myself. Its st patties day and im going to go get hammered like any other normal person. Got to show your love for the irish am I right? But then it came to me, I wanted to design something before hand so I could share you wonderful readers my design.

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