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April 2005

customized input elements ■ » Articles » CSS » Fun with forms

by 24 others
This article demonstrates how to apply customized backgrounds to HTML forms, while preserving stucturally clean markup and accesibility.

March 2005

Stu Nicholls | Cutting Edge CSS | Hiding email address

Looks ok doesn't it? But have a look at the source code and see what email harvesters will see.

[listulike] CSS Generator

by 23 others
Create cross-browser list-based navigation bars with ease

December 2004

November 2004

DHTML Image Annotation []

by 2 others
An experiment in replicating Flickr-like capability

CSS Directory

by 12 others
Your one stop resource for css links, articles, tutorials, examples, tips, layouts, hacks, books, and web standards

MaKo 4 CSS: CSS Basics - Link Styles

How do I make different colors for links on the same page? | How do I make a text rollover?

October 2004

Bullet Madness - free bullets project at

by 6 others
Bullet madness is a list of 200 bullets, arrows and icons uploaded by our users.

CSS Panic Guide

by 10 others
This is not a complete resource, this is a fast resource.