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January 2006

Windows XP Fixes, Tips and Tweaks

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This site contains registry fixes, scripts, Troubleshooting Guides and freeware utilities to resolve problems in Windows XP.

BIOS from A to Z | Tom's Hardware

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guide on how you can speed up your PC by tweaking your BIOS

The Switchboards

by 7 others
Taking Professional Looking Photos Without a Professional

December 2005

Death to Spam


With the right utilities, you can heal your ailing machine--or even keep it from getting sick in the first place. We test all-in-one suites and specialized tools to find the best.

Firefox popups |

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It turns out that some clever people figured out that you could launch popups from Flash, getting around the Firefox default settings. Fortunately, you can get around it

Google Tutor & Advisor » Blog Archive

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Voyeur Heaven: finding interesting video, sound and image files in unprotected directories

November 2005

May 2005

How to create the highest quality MP3s on the planet ■

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"Man, that was the best MP3 guide I've ever seen in my life! You'll never forget it when friends ask why your MP3s sound so much better than theirs."

April 2005

Quick Online Tips

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A collection of quick tips, tools, tricks, links and facts to make your online life easier.

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