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January 2007

Why Silver Bullets Tarnish Over Time - New Paradigms Getting Thrashed in the Field

Why is is that new ways of doing things can have remarkable success when they are at “the discovery stage” and end up being useful but disappointing in the field? The answer is simpler than you think.

How null breaks polymorphism: or the problem with null: part 2 – Programming Matters

A further exploration of the problems null brings when it shouldn't be needed. Simple mechanisms for dealing with the problem are presented.

December 2006

Scenegraphs and Openscenegraph for 3D software development

What scenegraphs are and why they are so popular for developing 3D applications.

November 2006

Why the game industry should be more like Hollywood: Part 1

The video game industry could stand to learn a lot from Hollywood.

October 2006

March 2006