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02 November 2007

ON Dating – Breaking Up Shouldn’t Be a Breakdown

Breaking up is hard to do. That doesn't mean you have to put your life on hold. Host Andrea Syrtash and guest author Lisa Steadman dish on how to deal with a breakup. Who do you turn to? What are the "cardinal sins" of breaking up?

26 October 2007

Ask Andrea

Every once or so often, Andrea likes to answer dating questions from viewers. Taking on some difficult topics, she'll address some pressing, and sometimes scandalous, queries!

12 October 2007

Video: Office Romances and Dating Advice | ON Networks

To date or not to date in the office, that is the question in this week's episode of On Dating. Host and dating expert Andrea interviews two people with different views on the subject. While the office can be an easy place to meet someone that shares the same interests (or the same complaints) as you, is it worth the awkwardness you might experience after a break-up?

02 October 2007

28 September 2007

Etiquette For Dumping | ON Networks

Make sure you let your mate down easy. Andrea goes over how not to end relationships in this episode of On Dating. Hopefully, you've never had the dreaded voicemail breakup, or even worse: the email breakup. People can be downright callous, so prevent yourself from being one of them.

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