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19 October 2007

Video: Cruel Irony- Backpack Picnic | ON Networks

Be careful how you speak to your buddies, especially when it comes to Corvettes... In this Backpack Picnic, a twist of fate dooms one of the guys to shelling out for his buddy. Big time.

07 September 2007

Gay Adoption | ON Networks

Babies for sale, hand grenades, a garage sale action scene, and a public service announcement parody.

Suppression Sequel | ON Networks

Figuratively speaking, the cross dressing friends become jailbirds and delusional, but are still able to maintain their happiness behind bars. For awhile, at least...

23 August 2007

Hypothetical Stuff | ON Networks

A very special episode of Backpack Picnic, wherein our heroes struggle with life's important questions we sometimes fear to ask ourselves. Questions such as "What mythical creature would you be if you could retain your sense of self?" Whoa. Deep, man.

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