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28 September 2007 19:00

My Damn Channel » Challenge #5

We're leaving you the keys to the store. Now's your chance to post your best stuff. You choose the topic, you choose the medium. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Like cleaning the toilets and restocking the freedom sauce. Don't forget to lock up when you're done!

28 September 2007 18:45

My Damn Channel » Challenge #4

OJ's next celebrity crime drama won't just be another ratings bonanza. It could also be marketing gold. OJ just needs to pick the right product to endorse and he'll be set. For life.

My Damn Channel » Challenge #3

Is there any reward in telling the truth when the liars are getting all the money, all the power, all the chicks? Is it better to tell the truth and be ignored or even vilified, or lie like everybody else and reap the tainted rewards? Ha. We said “taint”.

My Damn Channel » Challenge #2

We thought we had the recipe for success: Quality videos by beloved entertainment professionals; Hilarious promos produced by... some other people; And a pretty cool shiny web site. But of the hundreds of millions of people who have visited the site since July 31, only Gemm seemed to really like us. So tell us... Where did we go wrong?

28 September 2007 18:30

My Damn Channel » Challenge #1

What makes crap like Chocolate Rain so popular? Will user gen change how we watch TV and shoot random people from towers? Does anybody care?

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