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23 August 2007 22:00 | ON Networks

Host Andrea Syrtash meets with authors and dating coaches Beth Roberts and Karin Anderson to share tips and strategies - from picking the perfect profile picture to the three major steps of online dating.

23 August 2007 15:00

Instructions on Using Metal on the Fairway | ON Networks

Host Joe Beck teaches viewers how to hit a fairway metal, with examples of common mistakes amateurs make and how to correct them.

Golfing tutorial with instructions on how to use a hybrid club | ON Networks

In this episode, Joe explains the advantages of the hybrid club and why it makes other clubs obsolete– as well as the right technique to use.

Driving The Golf Ball Low and Long | ON Networks

Learn the correct technique for the Rockport Stinger! From setup to shoulder position, Joe explains how to master this unique shot.

Chipping Onto the Green | ON Networks

Joe describes how to maneuver high grass with the correct ball position, stance, and angle of your club staff to make the perfect short chip shot.

23 August 2007 14:00

Punch Shot | ON Networks

Punch Shot - Host Joe Beck teaches viewers how to successfully complete a punch shot. Joe helps viewers select the right iron and the correct amount of loft to use for this shot.

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