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07 September 2007

Instructional golf video on hitting a driver | ON Networks

Host Joe Beck teaches you how to improve your drive – from grip placement to swing technique.

Golf Tips for Bunker Shots | ON Networks

In this episode, host Joe Beck teaches you how to maneuver out of a steep bunker- from club selection to ball position and stance.

31 August 2007

Video: Golf Tips From Professional Golfer Joe Beck | ON Networks

A dynamic instructional and educational way to demonstrate the best golf techniques to date. The host Joe Beck (a certified golf professional) will cover basic tips all the way to complex shots.

Video Golf Tips - Hitting the Ball On To the Green | ON Networks

In this episode, host Joe Beck teaches you how to complete one of the most important shots -- the bump and run -- by reviewing common mistakes players make and how to correct them.

28 August 2007

Instructions on How to Sink the Putt | ON Networks

In this episode, Joe Beck teaches you how to successfully sink that four foot putt, or what Joe calls the circle of friendship.

Flop Shot | ON Networks

From stance, swing, rotation speed and ball set up, learn how to make the perfect flop shot.

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