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26 October 2007

Ask Andrea

Every once or so often, Andrea likes to answer dating questions from viewers. Taking on some difficult topics, she'll address some pressing, and sometimes scandalous, queries!

28 September 2007

Etiquette For Dumping | ON Networks

Make sure you let your mate down easy. Andrea goes over how not to end relationships in this episode of On Dating. Hopefully, you've never had the dreaded voicemail breakup, or even worse: the email breakup. People can be downright callous, so prevent yourself from being one of them.

21 September 2007

Best Dates On A Budget | ON Networks

Need to save money, but still want to take out your honey? Andrea has some ideas! Not every date has to be painting the town red. Trips to the park and making dinner can be just as fun, and much more economical. Don't risk spreading the contents of your wallet -or purse - too thin and follow these simple tips to have some fun.

Niche Dating Sites | ON Networks

Pretty much everyone is looking for love...even farmers and goth kids with bizarre fetishes. Whether you're into S&M or flying kites, there's a dating site for everyone. Connecting with others that share your pastimes is important, even if your pastime is hitting the Trekkie conventions.

Gift Guide For Daters | ON Networks

Don't freak out someone with the wrong present, follow Andrea's advice on gifts. You can risk alienating your new mate by spending too much, or inadvertently underwhelm them with a gift that doesn't say enough about where your relationship stands. It's a necessary part of dating, but don't hesitate to listen to Andrea's best tips on how not to blow it.

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