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26 November 2007

20 November 2007

My Damn Channel - Harry Shearer’s - Found Objects - Katie Couric

My Damn Channel - Watch the all new Harry Shearer video premiere - Found Objects - Katie Couric

My Damn Channel - Andy "Wack MC Delight" - Freestyle with a friend.

Andy Milonakis and his pal Brian go off the cuff with some lyrical genius.

My Damn Channel - Future Tim - Tim after Tim - Episode 1 - House

Future Tim must console a despondent Present Tim when they discover they've eliminated TV's House from existence.

02 November 2007

Backpack Picnic – Kid-Puter Korner – Ghost Hat

A puppet gets a little too big for his ghostly breeches as we return to check on things at America's least known children's podcast: Kid-Puter Korner.

19 October 2007

Video: Cruel Irony- Backpack Picnic | ON Networks

Be careful how you speak to your buddies, especially when it comes to Corvettes... In this Backpack Picnic, a twist of fate dooms one of the guys to shelling out for his buddy. Big time.

02 October 2007