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28 September 2007

Cyclops Eye | ON Networks

Peer between the magical slats...into the Cyclops Eye! Be careful, however, that you don't see something you don't want to see. Magical venetian blinds are nothing new, but check out a fresh take on this well-trodden subject in this week's episode of Backpack Picnic.

07 September 2007

Funny and Wacky Sketch Comedy | ON Networks

A cake made from pure hatred inspires two curiously vivid, bouncy, friends to open a bakery. The hate inspired bakery later causes turmoil, leads to an unusual death and two prancing arrests!

Wacky and Hilarious Sketch Comedy | ON Networks

This episode is chock-full of corporate puns, sarcasm, and misleading dialogue. Pay attention, don’t play stupid, and don’t forget about the POISON!!

Huge and Blurry | ON Networks

Huge and blurry lunches, dorks lost in their own confusion? This episode shows the unity between coworkers behind push doors

College Humor and Sketch Comedy | ON Networks

Unintelligent tourists are led through an unusual location for sightseeing by a wacky, uninterested tour guide.

Suppression Prequel | ON Networks

Two cross dressing friends attempt to fix the world's communication problems by using their unique communication method as an example. Unfortunately, they get lost in the process. One of the cross dressing friends tries to express his discontent through odd flower bouquets but does not receive the desired result.

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