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19 April 2010 16:00

Local teacher gets into Boston Marathon

Local clergyman gets in to Boston Marathon Liz Randell has been using for 9 years as well as she's finished fourteen marathons, though now, she can call herself a single of a world's best. From: WIVBTV Views: 318 0 ratings ...

Boston Marathon 2010 Kicks Off Today, Course Map Looks Grueling (Photo)

The 2010 Boston Marathon kicked off currently with begin times varying by pre-determined categories: 9:00 a.m. Mobility Impaired Division, 9:17 a.m. Push-Rim Wheelchair Division, 9:22 a.m. . . .

19 April 2010 15:00

Boston Marathon 2010 Kicks Off! Boston Marathon Course Map [Video] -

Washington Post Boston Marathon 2010 Kicks Off! Boston Marathon Course Map [Video]Gather.comCherish by thousands who watch during roadside as well as those who have a status quo to run to one side associate racer, The Boston Marathon's prol...

19 April 2010 13:00

Runners gather for start of Boston Marathon

The routinely still locale of Hopkinton is ripping with wake up as thousands of runners accumulate for a proceed of a 114th Boston Marathon. Most of a runners will proceed their 26.2-mile mass departure to Boston in dual waves starting during 10 a....

18 April 2010 02:00

Local runners prepare for Boston Marathon

Surrounded by strangers upon the bizarre road, Kirsten Corrigal found the square of home only when she indispensable it. It was Oct of 2009, as well as Corrigal, the 35-year-old curtain from Sault Ste.[...]