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03 March 2010 15:15

Lisa Ellis Leaked PHOTOS! (LALATE)

PHOTOS! Lisa Ellis – Wyclef Jean’s former manager- says allegations of her online leaked photos have been false. Lisa Ellis pics swirling online have been not what they appear explains Ellis to Page Six. “I bewail which people chose to tr...

03 March 2010 14:15

Wyclef Jean's ex-manager Lisa Ellis Nude Photo - Puggal Latest News and events

New York Daily News Wyclef Jean's ex-manager Lisa Ellis Nude PhotoPuggal Latest News as well as eventsRapper Wyclef Jean is carrying lot of problems after his mother find out exposed design of his manager, Lisa Ellis, upon his dungeon phone. Wy...

Wyclef Jean's wife flips out after finding nude pic of his manager Lisa Ellis on his cell: source (New York Daily News)

“Fugees” star Wyclef Jean might be in difficulty during home after his mother detected the bare design of his beautiful physical education instructor upon his dungeon phone, sources said.