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April 2010

Guardiola: We didn't move the ball with passion

Barcelona trainer Pep Guardiola refused to censure his side’s strenuous manager tour to Milan for their unsatisfactory 3-1 improved in a initial leg of their Champions League semi-final during a San Siro. GettyImages It was a frustrating ...

March 2010

Cris admits Lyon's title chances are over

Lyon maestro Cris admits their pretension chances have been in rags following their 2-1 better during Marseille. PedroArmestre/GettyImages Cris knows the pretension has gone Their sixth better of the deteriorate leaves Lyon in sixth place, 5 ...

February 2010

Super Bowl: Tony Dungy says Indianapolis Colts will turn back New Orleans Saints emphatically

The Influence Of Tony Dungy Howard Bryant upon Tony Dungy’s change in a NFLTags: NFL, Indianapolis Colts Learn More » Report a bug » Feedback » The Influence Of Tony Dungy Tony Dungy stands a year private from timid after 7 s...

January 2010

Inter striker Balotelli makes new racial abuse claim

Inter Milan striker Mario Balotelli has indicted Chievo fans of racially abusing him in yesterday’s Serie A compare as well as claimed he is “tired of regularly conference extremist chants” when he is playing. Mario Balotelli/...