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09 September 2005


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the web developer's resources, from the very basics to advanced multimedia streaming

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always new articles; fresh thinking for web developers and designers

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The Net's leading resource for do-it-yourself Web Promotion. All the information and automatic submission tools you need to do the job quickly, efficiently, & properly.

Webmaster Resource Directory

A web site of web site building resources.

22 August 2005

huge online community of virtual dog-owners; if you've never breeded dogs, or owned show dogs before, this is the place where it can happen for you

21 August 2005


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greatest virtual pet site on the Internet; has a community of over 70 million virtual pet owners.


this is where virtual reality and real people meet; a powerful virtual reality 3D Chat experience


largest 3D virtual fully-functional community that exists on the Internet.

Blaxxun Technologies

a leading provider of technology and content solutions for 3D visualization, collaboration & community applications on the Web.

one of the few Digimon Communities sites left; they need your support


world's leading publisher of 3D mobile games; developed an extensive portfolio, based on world-renowned brands from organisations like 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, and Global Wireless.

Caligari Corporation

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creates immersive 3D authoring technology for designers & animators to enable visual communication and collaboration on the Web; leader in the 3D authoring market for interactive web design, graphic design, product design and multimedia.

Mercury Computer Systems

provides a comprehensive range of solutions to meet their customer's challenging computing needs, offering component-level and system-level solutions that span hardware, software, silicon IP, services, and systems.

SGI - Silicon Graphics, Inc.

high-performance computing, visualization and storage

PhatWare Corporation

leading provider of easy to use powerful software products and professional services for the mobile and desktop computing marketplace; specializes in handwriting recognition, digital ink, note taking, and database and network management software development.

20 August 2005


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the world's largest online signature file collection; has been online since 1995


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a huge anime web site; tons of anime information, they sell anime, have links to just about every anime site on the Web.

a well-respected & large database of animation; the ultimate animation, cartoon & comic book resource; information & links to tons of sites;

premier online anime resource, online reviews, image galleries, midi files & more

a resource directory of anime sites and information


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free download software archive for Windows


the authority on what's going on in the world of weblogs

19 August 2005

CIO Bookmark

a collection of the best of the Web for busy CIOs; links on career development, reference tools and leisure activities

The WWW Help Page

links to some of the excellent resources available on the Web for the major areas of Web page design; these sites have large, organized collections of links to information about every aspect of Web page design.

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