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31 January 2007 22:45

Seo - Managing Comments On A Blog

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You know your blogging is working when your page rankings are high and you have a lot of visitors. This also means that your blog might also need some management. Although you have succeeded at a business blog because your readers feel at home you might have too many "tenants" to manage in one space. You may have already them with a space in which they can respond to your blogs. Most blogging software and blogging sites already offer this especially if you have paid for a subscription or premium service. However if you are being hosted by a site that does not allow comments or feedback from your readers then there are such programs as Haloscan or ForumUp, which allow you to attach your own free forum. Your readers click on a link and post their comments there. Of course these free forums also have their drawbacks. Usually if you send your readers to a forum on someone else's servers they will be bombarded by free ads. The danger here is that they will click on those ads and not any of the ads related to your blog. The reason a comments section beneath your blog is so important is because it can create an argument that lasts for ages. This of course qualifies as fresh content. It also can give you a topic for a blog if someone poses a question or brings up an argument for you to respond you. In fact your reader's comments are one of the best sources of inspiration for content for the blog itself. Banning someone from your site by editing your commentary section is part of the blogging business. Make sure that when you post a blog on a free host that you have the capability of being able to edit any feedback that is posted. Unfortunately many free sites do not allow you to ban a poster unless you subscribe to premium services.

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